B | PANACHE offers you two services - and you're welcome to choose one or choose both.

travel design

Travel Design

When you're planning the perfect vacation.

travel design

Personal Concierge Service

When you're on vacation, ensuring every moment delivers to the max.

Travel Design


So, you’re planning a vacation in Los Angeles: let luxury travel experts B | PANACHE design it for you. Insider knowledge… unparalleled access to the very best of L.A.… local expertise… meticulous planning… they’re fundamental for a once-in-a-lifetime vacation. According to your tastes and preferences, we’ll select perfect accommodation, reserve the best seats in the finest restaurants and hand-select outstanding entertainment, excursions and the greatest ‘wow’ experiences. Your bespoke, carefully planned itinerary for your entire vacation will be designed and curated from start to finish.

“The beauty of arranging your itinerary in advance is ensuring you enjoy a vastly superior vacation, guaranteed.”

By choosing to plan in advance with luxury travel design, you should get exactly what you want, when you want it. Beautifully designed days mean you can make the most of your precious vacation time together.

All the contact information you need will be supplied with your itinerary unless you choose the B | PANACHE Personal Concierge Service, when we will seamlessly handle all the behind the scenes communication and execution of details and adjustments.

Go to B | SPOKE L.A. and discover how B | PANACHE can create an unforgettable vacation, just for you.




You’re on vacation. You need your very own concierge at your disposal. Someone who understands and even anticipates your expectations — and can fulfill them in a thrilling way because they’re an L.A. expert… someone who knows your itinerary by heart… or who can run with your desires on the day, if being spontaneous is more your thing.

“This is about instant assistance, undivided attention and making sure your precious trip is one for the books.”

B | PANACHE will be constantly working behind the scenes… fine-tuning… adjusting… always several steps ahead. Call us anytime, text, email or chat over coffee.

Go to Travel Perks and see the difference it makes when you use our personal concierge services during your vacation in Los Angeles.


Travel Perks

With B | PANACHE personal concierge services, you can contact your very own concierge via phone, text and email 24/7 during every second of your vacation. But that’s only half the story. Because our founder, Brandon Perkins, is so experienced as a luxury concierge, we know exactly what’s needed to ensure a flawless and fabulous vacation. We call these Travel Perks ™, and they’re part of the deal.

  • Inbound and outbound flight monitoring.
  • Inbound and outbound flight and transportation confirmed with you on the day or the previous night.
  • Seamless airport arrival and departure experience.
  • Automatic check-in for departure flight; boarding passes ready for you in your room.
  • Hotel room assigned and ready for check-in, when possible.
  • Hotel room inspection by your personal concierge to ensure perfection.
  • Vacation itinerary, desired amenities and personal items placed in room ready for your arrival.
  • Cell phone, US sim card and adaptors ready in your room, if needed.
  • In-person welcome by your personal concierge when you arrive at the hotel.
  • Seamless rental car delivery; all destinations pre-programmed into your GPS; car inspected by us before delivery.
  • Daily contact with all restaurants, tour companies, chauffeurs and other service providers to ensure flawless experiences.
  • Regular contact with you to ensure everyone in your party is enjoying a fabulous vacation.
  • In-person farewell by your personal concierge upon departure.
  • Special, unexpected, unobtrusive touches along the way.